Lane Etiquette


Pre and post-swim:

  • arrive early

  • shower and stretch

  • prepare workout hydration, nutrition, medication (coaches to be notified) and workout specific equipment

  • help with lane set-up, lane rope removal and equipment return 


  • each lane is based on ability and available space (move up if too fast, and down if struggling to follow)

  • coach will assess your best lane match

  • even number lanes swim on the left

  • odd number lanes swim on the right

  • practice doing turns in both directions, so you can change lanes when needed


Starting and rejoining practice

  • begin workout together and on time

  • if late or getting back from break, make sure to get updated on workout stage before joining the set in progress

  • diving – only when whole lane is doing starts – not at practice start.

    • Never dive while others are swimming at same end of the pool



  • fastest person for each set should lead (adjust based on strokes and distances)

  • make sure you and others understand the set, including pace time (adjust if necessary, based on all swimmers in the lane)

  • leave five second minimum interval with previous swimmer before pushing off the wall

  • slower swimmers might shorten the set (for example – 350 for a 400) or move down a lane



  • move to the other side of the lane

  • push off straight 


  • touch slower swimmer’s foot. At following turn…

  • slower swimmer stays to the same lane side and stops

  • faster swimmer moves to other side of the lane and turns 


  • if stopping in the middle of set, move to the lane rope to keep the wall free for other swimmers to execute proper turns

  • when finishing set, first two swimmers in lane hang on the wall closest to the side of the lane you start on, while other swimmers move off the wall so everyone in lane can touch the wall to finish 

Attitude and behavior

  • aggression (verbal or physical) is not tolerated … if you feel someone has done something wrong, talk to the coach to have them speak to the other swimmer

  • we have a ZERO tolerance for any misconduct or harassment

  • if you make contact with another swimmer, make sure they are alright and apologize ASAP

  • keep a positive attitude, encourage your fellow swimmers and remember our motto … FUN, FITNESS, FELLOWSHIP and PARTICIPATION !