Each year our team presents annual awards at our Summer Barbecue. Below is listed our past recipients for each award.


Pluntke-Lutman Award

In memory of Kurt Pluntke and Ted Lutman, presented annually by the EOMAC Board of Directors for “outstanding competitive excellence” during the current year.

1993 Sylvia Eisele
1994 Charlie Lane
1995 Lori O’Hara
1996 Tony Jarvis
1997 Andrea Godfrey
1998 Andrea Godfrey, Kelly Allen, Sean Carver & Dawn Orr
1999 Kalis Rasmussen
2000 Sylvia Eisele
2001 Cliff Barry
2002 Claus Koch
2003 Ron Armstrong
2004 Kathy Renard
2005 Cindy Bertelink and Yvonne Cattrall
2006 Ron Armstrong
2007 Sue Gustavison
2008 Kat Telfer, Mark Forsyth, Al Statkevicius and Cindy Bertelink
2009 Kalis Rasmussen
2010 Cindy Bertelink
2011 Cindy Bertelink

The Syd Fagan Award

Presented annually by the members to persons exemplifying the Masters motto of “Fun, Fitness, Friendship” and contributing to the well-being of EOMAC.

Syd Fagan was EOMAC’s original “people person”. Syd especially loved the road trips in the early days of EOMAC’s history to meets in Florida, California and particularly to Buffalo for those hot wings. Syd died at age 57 in 1984, and that year the award named in his honour was first presented.

1984 Ken Senter
1985 Charlie Lane
1986 Louise McGonigal
1987 Al Yarnell
1988 Wendy Elliott
1989 Bill Hallett
1990 Beth Whittall
1991 Mark Leighton
1992 Keith Lobban
1993 Jackie Mandziak
1994 Frank Miles
1995 Lori O’Hara
1996 Ian Macdonald
1997 John Brett
1998 Charlie Lane
1999 Barrie Malloch
2000 Bryan Gaudet
2001 Kim Lumsdon
2002 Ron Armstrong
2003 Dawn Babin
2004 Charlie Lane
2005 Ellen Newbold
2006 Ryan VandeVooren
2007 Bahman Minoo
2008 Bud Seawright
2009 Mark Cutajar
2010 Dawn Orr
2011 Carole Konstantinou

Wavelengths Award

Initiated by Beth Whittall, ex-publisher of Wave Lengths magazine, presented by the head coach to EOMAC’s “most improved swimmer of the year”.

1985 Michelle Patterson
1986 Anne Sepulis
1987 Rudy Huber
1989 Joe Regan
1990 Barry Stemmler
1991 Jackie Mandziak
1992 Susan Robertson
1993 John Stibrany
1994 George Shrivell
1995 Bob Cassidy
1996 Millie Bishop
1997 Michael Macpherson
1998 Maggie Dodge
1999 Jackie Balazsovits and Marenca Kherani
2000 Graciela Conde
2001 John Grootveld
2002 Anita Billing
2003 Steve Goodwin
2004 Michael Macpherson
2005 Michael Palmer
2006 Zig Latosik
2007 Julie Inglis
2008 Simon Chang
2009 Phil Dale
2010 Chris Nagy
2011 Louise Buxton